Le Père Sapin™ offers the opportunity for resellers to sell our products under certain conditions.

We make it our priority to provide fresh produce of the highest quality. Given the nature of our products, resellers must keep the Christmas trees outside. The cold temperature is crucial for the retention of needles, so trees, wreaths, garlands and centerpieces can't be sold in a tradtionnal store. Florist fridges are ideal to sale small trees and fresh decorations. Interested resellers must otherwise have an outside sales area or a cold warehouse. Our trees and our other fresh products are of the highest quality. We can meet your needs for continuous supply of wreaths, garlands and centerpieces. We generally do only one delivery of trees of all sizes and categories. We can deliver wreaths, garlands and centerpieces on requests, usually within 3 working days.

Our trees are kept in an optimum environment for their preservation and they are then carefully sorted to enable us to provide an
impeccable delivery service. The delivery price is adjustable depending on your location, we only charge the actual cost to all our customers. You could always visit us at one of our locations.

Prices among the most competitive in the industry, flexibility for small and medium enterprises as well as efficient delivery service makesLe Père Sapin™ a must.

For a price list or for more information write to contact@leperesapin.com