Natural or artificial christmas tree ?

Christmas trees generally does not come from the forest, everywhere in North American they are cultivated in Christmas tress farms.


For each Christmas tree harvested, one to three trees are planted for each year cultivated. One hectare of Christmas trees provided daily oxygen to 45 persons, plus filtering up to 32 tones of pollutants.


A study conducted by the Ellipsos firm, calculate for the hole life cycle, the pollution created taking in count the production, transport and recycling. The natural Christmas trees produce annually 3.1 KG co2 where artificial Christmas trees produce 8.1 KG co2.


Also as per the study, we would need to keep using the artificial Christmas trees for 20 years, where they are usually kept for 6 years.


Artificial Christmas trees derive from the petrochemical industry, will stay in our land fills for centuries. Natural Christmas trees will be recycled for horticultural, energetic and artisanal use.


Natural Christmas trees plantations creates wild habitats for a wide Varity of birds and mammals species.